Why Men Say Yes to Park Place: Activities for Senior Men

Jun 11, 2022 | Life at Park Place, Moving to Senior Living

Did you know that senior living communities like Park Place of Elmhurst are often said to be great for dads – and granddads? After experiencing all they have to offer, it’s pretty easy to see why.

Are you or a loved one looking for a senior living solution for a parent, or are you searching for senior living for yourself to enjoy more social opportunities? Look no further than Park Place.

Life here comes with a range of benefits, including life-enrichment programs, engaging activities and more – all created to fit differing needs, interests and preferences.

Get an inside look at what men can expect at Park Place by reading more below.

Benefits of Senior Living for Men

As they age, many older men want to experience a more maintenance-free lifestyle – one that allows them to enjoy the company of friends and family while providing opportunities to pursue their passions. This is exactly what senior living provides.

Why else do men begin looking into senior living?

  • Dining is provided
  • Housekeeping and maintenance are included
  • Activities and programs are planned
  • Care is available if or when it’s needed
  • They can fill their days as they choose with others who share their interests
  • And so much more

Why Are They Choosing Park Place?

All the above reasons have been main factors in why our residents have chosen Park Place, but for men especially, there have been some additional considerations that come right down to how we tailor life to them.

Among the most popular are our senior men’s group activities and our senior men’s clubs.

What Is a Senior Men’s Club?

In general terms, it’s a club or group made up of older men who:

  • Gather together
  • Enjoy a range of activities
  • Participate in outings and events
  • Provide support as a group

More than just golf clubs or men’s support groups, our men’s groups have high participation and offer many great activities for men.

Men’s Club Activities for Seniors

Get an inside look at the many ways men remain engaged and active throughout the community with the groups and clubs our men love.

Breakfast Gatherings

There’s nothing better than gathering over coffee and a delicious breakfast with your friends. At Park Place, our male residents often join together for breakfast, where they meet new friends, enjoy the company of others around them, and expand their social circles.

Men’s Lunch Outings and In-House Luncheons

Just like our breakfast club, we treat our male residents to a chef-prepared lunch at Park Place; or we enjoy lunch outings where they can savor their favorite meals, explore their surroundings with friends, and enjoy a fun time with other residents.

Special Events

During the year, we host many special events, and this June, we’ve planned an extra-special event to satisfy the interests of some of our male residents. We’re excited to welcome Bob Mathews, a wood carver who will share his skills, help our residents sharpen theirs, and more.

Veterans Celebrations

The men at Park Place of Elmhurst also enjoy our Veterans events.

Throughout the year, we gather them for a range of celebrations and events. Whether through intergenerational programs or honoring their service during Veterans Day and beyond, it allows residents to enjoy camaraderie while sharing their stories and experiences with others.

Live Every Day Your Way at Park Place of Elmhurst

Park Place of Elmhurst makes each day engaging and enriching and includes activities tailored just to men. Discover it for yourself by scheduling a visit today.