In Their Own Words

Our Staff Members Talk About Park Place

Would you like a position that rewards you professionally and personally? You’ve come to the right place. As a member of our team, you make a difference in the lives of our residents – a difference that is so appreciated. Read the words of people who work here to discover what being a part of Park Place means to them.

In Their Own Words

Our Residents Talk About Park Place

You can read about Park Place of Elmhurst – the lifestyle, dining, amenities, social life, beautiful surroundings, convenient location, security of Life Care, and more. You can view photos and videos. But the best way to get the real story is to hear from the people who live here.

Hear From the People Who Make Park Place What It Is

There’s no better expert on Park Place than our staff members. They know what it’s like to work in the Park Place difference every day. And they have plenty to share.

“Right away when I started working here, everyone was so patient with me — both the other employees and the residents. It’s so supportive here, and it doesn’t feel like just a place to work — it feels like a community and a family. It’s a place where you’re just satisfied to be here.

“Working with the elderly helps give you a different perspective. I know the little things I do go a long way. Working here, you get to know the residents on a personal level, and you know that what you do helps make life better for the people you serve. You deeply connect with people and make sure they know that this is not a facility; it’s home. And I’m so happy to be here.”

Marisol Garcia, Life Enrichment Assistant


“This job is not like any other job I’ve worked at. I work as a janitor, and I was concerned I wouldn’t have much social interaction. But I am always speaking with the residents here, and they really appreciate my hard work. I love helping them out. I have a soft spot for the elderly, and I find this job so rewarding.

“I also enjoy the other staff here. They’re really friendly, and my supervisor is amazing. I get treated really well. I really do love working here, and I plan on staying around.”

Luke Pritchett, Custodian


“I love working with seniors. I helped take care of my grandparents for years, and after they passed away, I continued working with seniors. It’s like second nature to me. And then working here at Park Place — it was such a smooth process, from the application to getting started here. They made everything so easy.

“The best part of working at Park Place is the teamwork. This is such a supportive place. The supervisors are always looking for ways to improve, and they really listen to us. It really is a wonderful job.”

Kadesia Edwards, Certified Nursing Assistant


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