Keeping Up with Park Place of Elmhurst

Read our latest news and blog articles to learn more about our community and senior living resources and information.


Keeping Up with Park Place of Elmhurst

Read our latest news and blog articles to learn more about our community and senior living resources and information.

Benefits of Living in an Independent Living Community During the Chicago Winter

Jan 24, 2024 | Moving to Senior Living

Winter can be a difficult time for anyone, including seniors, not just because of cold conditions, but because seasonal depression, falls on icy surfaces and simple loneliness are very real issues. However, for those who live in independent living communities, the wintertime doesn’t have to feel so bleak. In fact, life is very engaging year-round.

1. Community Activities

For those who live in a senior community or life plan community like Park Place of Elmhurst, indoor activities abound all year round. Many communities offer game or movie nights, art classes and educational courses to keep residents engaged when they don’t want to go outside.

2. Housekeeping Services

A big difference between living alone and living independently is the fact that independent living communities offer housekeeping services to all residents. This means that you don’t need to worry about cleaning at any time of year, taking some stress off your shoulders and offering you more time to enjoy life.

3. Yard Work and Services

Along with housekeeping services, most independent living communities have staff that take care of your yard and the community grounds during all seasons. In the winter, especially in Chicago, snow and ice can pose a risk for falls. However, you don’t have to worry about clearing sidewalks or driveways, our team has planned for those tasks! 

4. Exercise Opportunities

Many people experience seasonal depression in the winter, and this is sometimes due to a lack of activity. When it is cold outside, it’s difficult to find ways to exercise inside. However, senior living communities offer exercise classes and indoor aquatic and fitness centers to help you stay active.

5. Curbing Loneliness

Another factor that can contribute to seasonal depression is loneliness, which seniors are susceptible to if they struggle to get out to see friends during the winter. In a senior living community, however, you will have neighbors and friends living close by. The indoor community areas, such as a community room and club room offer places to meet with others all winter long.

6. Eating Well

Many people feel as if they have less energy in the winter, and a low level of energy reduces motivation to cook. However, in an independent living community, seniors have the option to make their own meals or have a nutritious meal made for them. Some communities, like Park Place of Elmhurst, have dining rooms and bistros open throughout the day so you can dine with family and friends.

7. Access to Health Services

If you dread traveling to doctor’s appointments in the winter, know that independent living communities offer some on-site health services that you can use as needed. For example, Park Place of Elmhurst offers physical therapy on-site, which eliminates the need to travel elsewhere for supportive health services.

8. Transportation Services

For those who do not like to drive during the winter, senior living communities usually offer transportation services to help you get to off-site doctor’s appointments, stores and more. This not only provides convenience but safety when driving conditions are difficult.

9. Emergency Support

Aside from the vibrant lifestyle, one of the biggest reasons people choose independent living is the safety factor, especially in cases of emergencies. In these types of communities, you can always call staff or utilize an emergency call system in cases of falls or health crises, and help is immediately available.

10. The Best Time to Join a Community

Perhaps the best time to join an independent living community is any time of year, but especially in the winter. Putting your home on the market in the winter often allows for a quicker sale in a less crowded housing market. There are always buyers looking, no matter the time of year.   If you are thinking of joining an independent living community, check out all that Park Place of Elmhurst has to offer today