Keeping Up with Park Place of Elmhurst

Read our latest news and blog articles to learn more about our community and senior living resources and information.


Keeping Up with Park Place of Elmhurst

Read our latest news and blog articles to learn more about our community and senior living resources and information.

Enjoy a Stress-Free Lifestyle with Life Care

Apr 5, 2021 | Moving to Senior Living, Senior Health

More and more seniors are choosing to move into senior living communities, particularly Life Plan Communities, before they ‘need’ it because it’s a stress-free lifestyle, says Beth McGowan Welch, Executive Director at Park Place of Elmhurst, a Life Plan Community in the Chicago-area region. “This desire to enjoy the life you have today and have peace of mind for the future is exactly why Life Plan Communities like Park Place of Elmhurst are the perfect fit.”

In a Life Plan Community, says Beth, residents’ benefit because they have a plan that protects them from increasing long-term care costs, which lets them better preserve their assets and protect their estates for their families and descendants.

“At Park Place of Elmhurst, you can relax, knowing that this will always be your home, even if you require additional care in the future,” she says. “You’ll enjoy a stress-free lifestyle, never having to deal with maintenance again, and enjoy many remarkable amenities, helpful services and a community you’ll love. You’ll find the best in lifestyle, location and Life Care – all in one place.”

How Life Care Makes Life Stress-Free

In honor of National Stress Awareness Month, we wanted to answer the question: What makes Life Care so stress-free for seniors? There are many reasons, but they can be summed up in one word: Choice. Living in a Life Plan Community like Park Place provides choices and benefits that make life easy and enjoyable. Here are some of the biggest ways our community makes life stress-free for our residents.

1. All-inclusive, maintenance-free living. 

Perhaps one of the most immediate benefits of Life Care is that you can say goodbye to all the household chores. No more housekeeping, yard maintenance, surprise home repairs – you don’t even have to go grocery shopping or cook, if you don’t want. Life Care opens your schedule to enjoy a variety of endless perks.

2. A caring circle of friends.

Socialization and having the ability to stay connected to your neighbors, family and friends reduces stress. Living at Park Place means that you automatically have an instant group of friends to add to your social network. You will be surrounded by others who are in the same stage of life. If you are currently active and or want more social opportunities, moving to a Life Plan Community will provide you the chance to meet new people and join a variety or outings and events.

3. Park Place has everything you need!

Everyone wants to remain healthy, which requires eating a healthy diet, getting plenty of exercise, and keeping your mind active. We focus on helping our residents stay active and healthy to enjoy their retirement to the fullest. From our delicious, nutritious chef-prepared meals to high-energy fitness classes to interesting events and activities, we provide so many opportunities and ways for you to have a healthy happy lifestyle.

4. Enjoy Peace of mind.

Life Care residents at Park Place have peace of mind, knowing that they have made the best possible choice for your future. Giving their family the comfort of knowing whatever their future health needs are, Park Place is the right place for all their care needs.

Experience the Difference at Park Place of Elmhurst

Park Place of Elmhurst is a Life Care retirement community – with a lifestyle you will enjoy. There is a difference you need to experience.  The difference is not the amenities, the cost, it truly is the people, how they live, and how they care for each other. Park Place is a COMMUNITY and OUR residents, family members and staff are what truly make Park Place stand out as a life care retirement community all backed by Providence Life Services, a Christian-based organization that has been a trusted name in Chicago-area senior living for more than a century.

Offering Independent Living, Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation and Memory Support, Park Place of Elmhurst provides peace of mind. Residents of Park Place have made the decision and moved into Life Care that will ensure whatever life change happens, Park Place is the right place for all their care needs. One of the fabulous benefits of choosing a Life Plan Community is the peace of mind knowing that you have made the decision and partnered with a community committed to providing all the levels of living from the day you move in.

We encourage you or your loved one to contact us to learn more about our exclusive community or schedule a personal tour by calling 630-239-5127.