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Whether you’re planning for yourself or for loved ones, you need information to guide your decision-making process. You want to make the right decision that will suit current needs as well as future needs.

Depending on circumstances, your loved ones might need your help to make the right choice. And we can help you help them.

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Finding the Right Living Option

Understanding Your Choices

While no two retirement communities are exactly alike, understanding the types of living options, the levels of care, and general terms will give you a good base of knowledge to compare different communities.

Independent Living

For people who can live independently and have no exceptional medical needs requiring care, there are several options for a maintenance-free lifestyle. The following types of independent living communities are often age restricted for those 62 or older, but some set the minimum age at 55.

Active adult communities are typically centered around a golf course or other attraction, and residents purchase a house or townhouse. Amenities vary, but often include a clubhouse and fitness center. Available services are limited, and typically don’t include meals, transportation or access to care.

Residential communities are most often age-restricted apartments available on a rental basis. Amenities vary, and services may include one or more daily meals, transportation and housekeeping, usually available a la carte. Access to care is rarely included.



Independent living at a CCRC (Continuing Care Retirement Community) typically includes a choice of apartments, or cottages/villas if available, along with comprehensive services and amenities, and a wide range of educational and social activities. Priority access to on-site health care services is included, making the CCRC option a flexible, long-term choice for both active independent living and aging in place.

At most CCRCs, it’s possible to join the community at any level. Residents who come in at the independent level typically pay an upfront entrance fee and monthly fee that covers services and amenities, such as meals, housekeeping, maintenance, transportation and more. CCRCs may offer various contract (residency agreement) options, and entrance fees may be nonrefundable or up to 100% refundable, and rental options may also be available. Some contracts include health care benefits that help offset health care costs if residents need assisted living, skilled nursing, or other care in the future.


Assisted Living

Assisted living is for people who need assistance with the tasks of daily living, such as dressing, showering, medication management and moving about. The level of assistance is customized to individual needs and priced accordingly.

Whether a standalone assisted living community or a neighborhood within a CCRC, residents typically live in a private or shared apartment and receive three daily meals, inclusive services and amenities, as well as customized care; some also offer memory support. 


Memory Support

Memory support, sometimes called memory or dementia care, is specialized care for individuals with Alzheimer’s disease or other types of dementia.

It’s available at dedicated residential care centers, some assisted living communities and at many CCRCs. Residents live in private or shared suites and receive three daily meals, supportive services and amenities. Care is customized to individual needs and priced accordingly. Often, separate secure neighborhoods are available for residents in early stages of dementia and those in moderate to advanced stages.


Skilled Nursing

Professional nursing services are provided at stand-alone nursing care communities (commonly called nursing homes), or at skilled nursing facilities within CCRCs. Rooms may be private or semiprivate, and most offer rehabilitation therapies and specialized care to aid recovery from surgery or illness. Many offer long-term care for individuals who need 24-hour nursing, and hospice care may also be available. Skilled nursing care is typically charged at a daily rate.


Rehabilitation Therapies

Some communities offer support services for rehabilitation after illness or injury. These services can include short- and long-term nursing care, as well as occupational, physical, speech and other rehabilitation therapies.

Independent Living

The allure of maintenance-free living.

For many people, the time comes when the burdens of maintaining a private home become overwhelming and the idea of maintenance-free living is increasingly attractive. If your loved ones are feeling that way, your role may be to help them find the right option, or simply support and encourage their decision. 

If health care isn’t an immediate or near-term concern, you may be thinking an active adult community or age-restricted residential community is the right choice. However, the need for health care often arises sooner than we think. Choosing an option that provides independent living now and a plan for care in the future, if ever needed, is a good idea. That option is a continuing care retirement community, which includes Life Care retirement communities like Park Place.

Why choose a CCRC for independent living?

The decision to move from a family home to a retirement community packs an emotional punch for most people. So it makes sense to choose a community that suits your loved ones now – and also offers care services they may need in the future. Experts say about 70% of Americans who reach age 65 will need long-term care at some point. With its full range of living and care options, a CCRC offers the most flexible, long-term choice for both active independent living and future quality health care.

What does a CCRC offer?

Communities vary in many ways, but all CCRCs offer a full range of living options, including independent living, assisted living and skilled nursing. Additional care services may also be available, such as memory support, respite care and rehabilitation.

How can I tell if independent living is right for my loved ones?

If they’ve been living independently, they’re healthy and are managing minor medical concerns on their own, independent living is probably the right choice. If you have any doubts, there are signs to look for that can help you assess the situation before calling on expert help to determine the level of care needed.

What does it cost to live at a CCRC?

Costs vary from one CCRC to another, and among various contract options at a single CCRC. Where available, contract options are designed to fit different situations and desires, so it’s a good idea to sit down with a community counselor for an explanation and cost comparison.

Typically, residents who join at the independent level pay an upfront entrance fee, based on choice of residence, and a monthly fee that covers services and amenities. Entrance fees can vary from nonrefundable up to 100% refundable, and rental options may also be available.

Some contracts include health care benefits that help offset future health care costs if residents need assisted living, skilled nursing or some other level of care in the future. When your loved ones become residents of a Life Care retirement community like Park Place, they can age in place with security and peace of mind, knowing they won’t have to move to receive higher levels of care. If they ever need assisted living, memory support or skilled nursing and rehabilitation, they have guaranteed priority access that care right here at Park Place, at predictable monthly fees well below the market rates. They’ll never lose their residence or their access to health care, even if their financial resources are depleted. It’s care for life – hence, Life Care.

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Independent Living Apartments

Find the Floor Plan That Fits Your Style

Park Place offers nine luxury apartment floor plan choices, so you’re sure to find one that fits your lifestyle. From one-bedroom, one-bath to three-bedroom, two-bath and a balcony,  you’ve got choices.  All apartments feature thoughtful design and high-end finishes. Park Place also offers customization options so you can create a space that works for you.

There’s More Life To Love Here

One of the benefits of moving to a vibrant community like Park Place is just that – the vibrancy. From access to all the community amenities to a wide array of cultural, social, and recreational programming as well as lifelong learning opportunities through educational and wellness seminars and workshops, there’s always something going on. More importantly, there are people with whom you can share those experiences. As a resident of Park Place, you’re never alone.

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Staying fit is easy at Park Place. We’ve got everything you need to work out and exercise – a fitness center,  full-size pool and spa, and scenic walking trails that wind through the campus.  Want more? We also offer a comprehensive wellness program that promotes your total health, helping you feel your best while you live your best.

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