How Living at Park Place of Elmhurst Promotes Senior Wellness

Oct 14, 2022 | Life at Park Place

In recent years, there’s been an increasing focus on wellness programming in senior living communities. Senior wellness encompasses eight dimensions: emotional, environmental, financial, intellectual, occupational, physical, social and spiritual.

Park Place of Elmhurst believes life is best when all of these dimensions are addressed. To achieve complete wellness, our programs, amenities, dining and activities are geared toward residents’ total well-being.

In partnership with Symbria, a renowned and established provider of exclusive services to older adults, Park Place of Elmhurst offers wellness and outpatient therapy benefits to help them stay independent and live each day the way they want. Keep reading to learn more about health and wellness at Park Place of Elmhurst, a senior living community, and how we think beyond the doctor’s office.

Balance Therapy – VirtuSense Technologies

As part of our fall prevention program, our health care professionals will design a personalized exercise program based on your health factors to promote independence and well-being.

A VSTBalance analysis pinpoints issues with your balance, gait and function that could contribute to potential fall risk. Over time, periodic reassessments drive well-being and/or therapy recommendations that help you improve and maintain your strength and abilities.

A personalized approach to improving performance can be developed by identifying balance, gait and functional deficits. This is another way we help residents live better.

Outpatient Therapy – On-Site Health and Wellness Center

If you ever need outpatient rehabilitation services, here at Park Place they’re on-campus and just around the corner. In the Outpatient Therapy Clinic, residents receive physical, occupational, or speech therapy without leaving the community.

After a surgical procedure, rehabilitation after a stroke, heart attack, or another health care incident, or a decline in a chronic condition, you may need physical, occupational, speech, or respiratory therapy. All therapies are available at the Park Place of Elmhurst’s Outpatient Therapy Clinic. A referral to outpatient therapy may come from your doctor or a VSTBalance assessment. You will need a doctor’s order to begin outpatient therapy.

Located in Elmhurst, Park Place of Elmhurst is a Life Plan Community dedicated to health and well-being. Our wellness programming is designed to empower residents to take appropriate steps toward a healthier, happier lifestyle in a supportive environment. Come see us at Park Place.

Learn more about Symbria or our Well-Being program today.