Resident Q & A: Insider Info About Life at Park Place of Elmhurst

Nov 20, 2023 | Blog, Life at Park Place, Moving to Senior Living

If you’re curious about what sets Park Place of Elmhurst apart from other retirement communities, find out from the folks who know it best—Barbara Pizzotti and Mike Harrington, longtime residents and members of previous resident panels.

Although they became residents for different reasons, they agree that Park Place was a great choice. They also acknowledge it’s best to move here sooner to take advantage of all the amenities and lead an active lifestyle.

Go Ahead, Ask Them Anything

Slated for November 16 at 11:00 a.m., Barbara and Mike recommend that event participants bring their questions about Park Place of Elmhurst. 

“We’re here to share our experiences,” Barbara says. “The other residents [panelists] and I want you to see Park Place of Elmhurst as we see it. We have a lot to offer. Unlike some places you’ll come across, we are not a huge community, and I like that a lot. We know our neighbors, and it’s a place full of very friendly people.”

Mike adds, “For anyone considering Park Place of Elmhurst as their future home, I think coming to one of these panel events to ask questions is a great way to get to know the community. We have great pride in where we live, and we know the idea of leaving your home is not an easy one. So hopefully, we can help them feel at ease.”

Whether you want to learn more about how to meet people, how delicious the food is, how active the residents are, how responsive the staff is or what sorts of activities residents like best—no question is off limits.

Resident Panel

TIME: 11:00 a.m.

DATE: Thursday, November 16

RSVP AT: (630) 687-9764

Sharing Their Stories

Barbara and Mike’s stories are different, but the motivations behind their moves are typical of many Park Place residents. 

Barbara’s journey began when she and her husband Jerome saw “what was out there.” 

“We looked at several places but returned to Park Place two to three different times,” she said. “Every time we returned, we weren’t ready to move in.”

However, after some time, Jerome decided it was finally time to move. 

“I remember asking my husband, ‘Are you OK?’ Because it seemed almost too sudden,” she says. “But he just responded, ‘I think we should move because if anything ever happens to me, I know you are taken care of. Our kids won’t have to take care of us.’” 

A Lombard native, Barbara noted that even though the transition to a smaller home vs. maintaining a four-bedroom home made sense for two empty nesters, the biggest draw to Park Place was the Life Care plan. 

 “We wanted to stay in the area because we didn’t want to change healthcare providers,” she says. “Eventually, when Jerome ended up in assisted living (then went into skilled nursing), I could visit him every day without leaving the building.”

For Mike and his wife, moving in was an easy decision. A former entrepreneur and proud emcee at the St. Patty’s parties, Mike wanted to live where he could enjoy the amenities while “he still can” and be closer to his children.

“I think some of us don’t want to acknowledge we are aging,” he says. “But after coming to Park Place, we found the space appealing, thanks to the spacious areas, delightful food and more. We have plenty of fun things to do and develop a whole new lifestyle.” 

Whatever your story may be, Park Place of Elmhurst is here to help you live the way that suits you best. Interested in learning more and meeting residents like Barbara and Mike? Schedule a visit today by calling (630) 936-4504, RSVP to the resident panel on November 16. 

We look forward to seeing you!